Informatica Increases Integration with Salesforce

October 06, 2016

Informatica develops data management software for businesses. Its eponymous application covers the management of big data stores, information security, and the mixing of data from on-premise to cloud-based servers.

Regarding the use of its clients’ customer information, Informatica has partnered with Salesforce, and now Informatica has released a number of updates to its flagship that impact e-commerce, data integrity, and machine learning in the hands of individual businesses. Todd Surdey, the senior vice president of independent software sales at Salesforce, commented on the recent extension of this partnership and the benefits it can bring their mutual customers.

“Informatica has the tools, people and experience that help customers effectively manage the complexity of growth by optimizing their data for Salesforce,” Surdey said. “In addition, the strength of the decade-long partnership between Salesforce and Informatica is highlighted by Informatica’s continued support of our platform.”

Development of Informatica’s e-commerce tool, MDM - Product 360, now sees that tool offering updated customer information directly in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The updated information intends to help business clients reach their own customers more quickly and improve conversion rates. All together, the combination of these products means to increase the revenue companies can generate from their sales efforts.

The new Informatica Cloud Data Quality Radar tool is expected to be available next month and will be available as a service within Salesforce. Similar to the data quality capabilities of the e-commerce application listed above, Quality Radar tries to keep data of a high quality, but it extends its reach into cloud-based and on-premise business applications. For any type of information businesses use in their networks, they can be assured that shared data between the cloud and the premise will align and be accurate.

Finally, the list of Informatica’s updates concludes with its interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is the use of machine learning that makes data verification possible and has allowed the various Informatica applications to process information more quickly. This applies to all information access in the cloud, on a premise, or in hybrid models, which many clients prefer because of its flexibility and may now continue to use because of pairings such as between Informatica and Salesforce.

Edited by Alicia Young

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