MTI Connect Hires Bob Hackett as New President, CEO

October 10, 2016

Bob Hackett, a marketing professional with more than 30 years of experience in that field, grew up in Milwaukee and will now have the chance to continue his stay in that city as president of MTI Connect.

Hackett has now been named the president and CEO of MTI, which provides direct mail and other marketing services, from its two offices in the U.S. Of course, one of those cities is Milwaukee – the other Phoenix – and that will give Hackett the opportunity to get back to his roots.

In former positions, Hackett has shined as a vice president who oversaw marketing operations at, most recently, RR Donnelley and Lehigh Direct. Those positions had him work with some of the most prominent companies in the world, including many that consumers know by name and concentration such as Sprint and Verizon, General Motors and Mercedes Benz, and Office Depot and Staples.

Marketing efforts exist at every company. Sometimes, those efforts can be small, but for large entities such as the global companies listed just above, it extends into online ads, commercials, and print media that may include mail (or email) and billboards. The size and shape of marketing for these big players takes all forms.

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This is why advertising service providers such as MTI need to find strong leadership if they want to grow. MTI’s grabbing of Hackett came, it appears, through a conversation between Hackett and Robert Kraft, MTI’s owner. Hackett commented on that process:

“I spent some time with (Robert W. Kraft) and the board and looked at it and this business is really poised to take off,” Hackett said.

“We’ll be working with companies who are looking to build and grow their businesses in the area of direct marketing, both from data analytics and understanding of data analytics and how to use and execute them.”

Clearly, this combination of capability and leadership will have MTI reaching into some cutting-edge marketing tactics. In order to best serve its clients, Hackett continued, MTI will be growing its ability to use data analytics, which should have MTI collecting data on behalf of its clients and also harnessing the wealth within clients’ current stores of data about their customers and operations. Hackett also said he plans to expand MTI’s geographic reach, and that could involve an effort to attract clients of all sizes.

Hackett fits this bill to the letter. He has worked with small businesses and Fortune 100 enterprises alike. He has addressed all their marketing needs in a way that could be replicated at MTI and which Kraft and company surely trust will take hold at Hackett’s new helm.

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