DialogTech Partners with LiveRamp, Address Conversion Data

October 14, 2016

One of the most important elements of marketing is attribution. On the whole, attribution is the act of determining how a customer came to purchase a product or visit a website – it defines the journey from an individual not interacting with a business to that person becoming a customer. Without knowledge of that journey, marketers can be left in the dark about why their campaigns have been successful.

DialogTech makes its purpose to help marketers attribute customer action to conversion, and now it has partnered with LiveRamp, a developer of onboarding software, to move customer data from DialogTech software to LiveRamp partners for improved distribution of data and connections between customers and brands. Anneka Gupta, the chief product officer at LiveRamp, commented on this the purpose of this pairing and its affect on both brands’ customers’ return on investment.

“DialogTech’s call attribution platform provides a critical piece to the marketing analytics and optimization puzzle businesses need to measure and improve digital advertising ROI,” Gupta said.

Further, Josh Mallamud, the senior vice president of strategic partnerships and corporate development at DialogTech, noted the importance of understanding customer actions and the impact it has on marketing efforts.

“Through this partnership with LiveRamp, DialogTech is able to provide marketers the missing call data they need to optimize return on ad spend from display and see the complete impact call conversions have on the customer journey,” Mallamud said.

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The technical aspect of this development is the change in how marketers view their customer data. Often, marketers only know a set of customers, for instance in Group A, who may exist on Twitter, a second in Group B who use Facebook, and another in Group C that browses Google search. This makes it difficult for marketers to create a complete picture of individual customers who may use all three of those services but who marketers don’t know exist in all three spheres.

Now marketers can use the data they capture from individuals within DialogTech and transfer that information to LiveRamp, which anomymizes data from all customers in each group and checks that same information against the records of 350 LiveRamp partners. The returned data can then indicate that marketers know individuals who span Group A and Group B, B and C, A and C, or all three. Even in just a small set of groups used in this example, the knowledge that customers use different online services can have a tremendous impact on future marketing campaigns.

This partnership comes not long after DialogTech had released its Conversation Insight 2.0 transcription tool and its new DialogTech for Display application that helps marketers target specific audiences based on information gathered from display ads. Both partners here proclaimed their excitement to get started with this new journey, one that could prove fruitful and expand the reach of marketers worldwide.

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