Customers Can Now Drive the Yoshop Fashion Brand

October 26, 2016

The Yoshop fashion brand is opening its business in a powerful way to the customers that have supported it from the beginning.

Started as a small group of fashion designers who wanted to blend vintage and modern clothing, it has since grown beyond those humble bounds by recognizing the influence of its customer base. It expanded its line of products and reached even more customers. Now it has launched a new affiliate marketing program to allow that same base of dedicated stylists to sell Yoshop brand clothing from anywhere.

The affiliate program, Yoshop’s announcement said this month, lets potential sellers sign up for free. The program does not place any restraints such as minimum or maximum sales that individuals might meet. Therefore, it is easy for anyone to begin small and learn how to expand their own affiliate shops from the bottom. For any sale, no matter how large or small, sellers earn a commission which they can use to expand their personal sales or otherwise spend as they wish.

Yoshop’s attempt to make entry as easy as possible is the hallmark of this announcement. While some other affiliate programs may force users to pay an entry fee or force penalties on users for not meeting quotas, Yoshop appears to have opened its brand with no strings attached.

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Yoshop will deal with all the overhead of shipping products to customers as well. In a sense, this model of separating product shipping and handling from individual sellers mimics the way cloud computing handles business operations. Cloud computing, as readers here at TMC likely know, typically has providers of a software or service handle product updating and server upgrades. It even separates the setup and maintenance of servers from users, so no company needs to worry about hardware purchases or keeping an IT department on staff. They can just enjoy the fruits of others’ labors.

What customers will see from Yoshop is all the hard work taking place on Yoshop’s end. Individual sellers will not need to worry about stocking products, creating new lines of clothing, or dealing with customer service related to returns or similar operational issues. Like the recipients of cloud computing products and services, Yoshop sellers can concentrate on their own customer base by advertising and selling in any way they see fit.

“It is a win win for everyone involved,” Yoshop remarked. If the free market plays out as expected, that statement may ring true for many years to come.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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