PFL Releases Personal Marketing Assistant for Salesforce

October 31, 2016

Marking software development company PFL has announced the launch of its new Personal Marketing Center that works in tandem with the Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) application.

Available within the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace, Personal Marketing Center seeks to bring a wide range of marketing tools to those companies that already enjoy Salesforce as their preferred method of storing and accessing customer data. PFL has made its new software able to comply with the look and feel of brands. It can also adapt to the needs of individual marketers and combine the activity of entire marketing departments into structured reports.

Andrew Field, the CEO of PFL, commented on the power his company’s new product gives marketers who want to personalize their marketing efforts within the bounds of brand identities and the regulations that govern specific industries.

“We’ve seen countless companies with distributed sales forces struggle with sales enablement,” Field said. “Corporate marketing wants control of the brand message and visibility into field marketing, and field marketers want to be able to personalize their customer journeys. PMC empowers the rep on the ground to do their marketing the way it needs to be done, while still being brand and regulatory compliant.”

The manner in which Personal Marketing Center remains in lockstep with brand identities comes largely from the templates it offers clients. Businesses can create templates that fit their overall brand identity (such as using colors or logos standard for the brand in question) and then pass those templates to individual marketers for alterations in the day’s campaigns. New and experienced members of teams can save time and make sure they continue to connect with customers while staying within the vision of a whole company.

Individuals can add personal customer information and messages to reach specific customers. This can apply to marketing on the consumer and business level where brands try to reach end users and heads of influential enterprises.

From there, marketing department administrators can also see the activity of their field agents and gain insight about customer activity as it relates to marketing campaigns. This can help such admins and their colleagues fine tune their future actions and create new advertisements that better reach groups of current and future clients.

PFL has made Personal Marketing Center to work with Salesforce by harboring that CRM’s information about individuals and customer groups. It then makes that information accessible for easy addition into marketing efforts. PFL’s new software runs natively in the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, which have seen long-term industry success and is available for immediate use, begun in the AppExchange and continuing into any environment customers occupy.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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