Stride Property Uses Aerohive Networks for Shopping Center Wi-Fi

November 14, 2016

Aerohive Networks manufactures a range of wireless access points for industries such as education, government, and healthcare. It often reaches retail and assists business owners with upgrades to their brick-and-mortar locations. Recently, it completed a deal with Stride Property in New Zealand to update that property firm’s NorthWest Shopping Center.

This upgrade of the shopping center provides complete public Wi-Fi access for shoppers so they can continue their online experiences in person. The days of shopping for goods in a retail store are not dead; instead, they have just transformed and have come to expect the link that Internet access provides. Now, Stride’s customers can do all the pre-shopping they desire from the comfort of their homes and then conclude their experiences – Wi-Fi included – at NorthWest.

Of course, the wireless Internet-based shopping experience does more than just benefit consumers. It helps brands get to know their customers more intimately, which assists with targeted marketing efforts. This is the focus of Linh Luong’s statement, the senior marketing manager of Stride Property.

“We were looking to provide point of differentiation by deploying state of the art technology to deliver unrivaled facilities to retailers and an enhanced shopping experience for customers in store,” Luong said. “Through data analytics, we were able to capture data on how shoppers spend their time and where they visit. We learned from the reports that 52 percent of our shoppers are visiting us for the first time, which reveals we still have room for marketing growth.”

That single figure offers a lot of information to Stride as a company. Now Luong and fellow employees can boost their search of the people they have yet to reach with advertisements. This search will certainly include finding out the geographical locations of these potential shoppers and then breaking down those populations into gender, age, social status, and other personal attributes.

Wireless access in stores allows this type of information gathering to succeed because customers will be more likely to use NorthWest mobile apps that can help them get deals on the products they most often purchase. Customers’ trips into the shopping center can include a range of goals, but nearly everyone wants to save money if they can. When individuals link their home-based online searches to actions inside the shopping center, they can find savings that may not be available otherwise.

In that same series of events, Stride is able to gather necessary information about its shoppers to offer them relevant deals and then market to them at future dates. Aerohive has made this possible through its offering of wireless access points, which local communications company Intellium Technology installed at the NorthWest location. Stride officials can now access their various Aerohive AP230 access points through the HiveManager online management software, to control the network as a whole, and can reach to Intellium for support of the system in the months to come.

Edited by Alicia Young

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