Magnani Continuum Marketing Gains Multiple 2016 MarCom Awards

November 16, 2016

Each year, the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals hosts the MarCom Awards, a competition open to all individuals and businesses involved in the creation of print, visual, audio, and Web-based materials. It reviews nearly 6,000 entries with each passing year and takes pride in its selection of award winners who show their dedication to the marketing profession through their extensive media creations.

This year, the Cat’s Pride cat litter company, in a partnership with Magnani Continuum Marketing, won a Platinum award (the highest in the MarCom spectrum) for their development of the “Cats are Complicated” marketing campaign. Anne Fletcher, known for her work in feature films, directed the “Cats are Complicated” commercials, and Katherine Heigl, who starred in Fletcher’s film “27 Dresses,” voiced the campaign.

In commercials that spanned television, radio, and social media, Heigl starred as a therapist for cats and their owners – a play on traditional couples’ therapy. The collection of ads pushed for the use of Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light Ultimate Care cat litter.

Justin Daab, the president of Magnani, had nothing but positive remarks about his staff following the win for their work with Cat’s Pride, two other Platinum wins with the Marriot hotel chain and Molina Healthcare, a Gold-level win with Evoqua, and honorable mentions with CNA Prepwise, AARP, and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

“We are proud of the outstanding work Magnani produces on behalf of our clients,” Daab said. “Without our client’s commitment to marketing and passionate, dedicated agency teams this recognition from MarCom would not be possible.”

The breadth of the type of work that Magnani touches shows how diverse the marketing industry has become. The industry’s investment in social media gives the impression of how the industry’s future will take shape; its continued attachment to television and radio reveals that more seasoned channels of communication have not completely dissipated. These wins also speak volumes about the expertise Magnani has to offer in its application of such marketing forms.

Edited by Alicia Young

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