Quad/Graphics Improves Marketing Potential with HP Printer

November 29, 2016

Print-based marketing is not dead, the Quad/Graphics global print and marketing firm asserts. It has assisted businesses with their printing needs for more than 45 years and has now beefed up its advertisement capabilities by installing a new Hewlett-Packard C800 printer in its Effingham, Ill. facility.

The HP C800 prints using the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key) model to produce as much as 800 feet of printed material per minute. It can create both color and black/white prints at a maximum resolution of 600 dots per inch. This all translates to an improved set of capabilities for Quad/Graphics, which provides direct mail inserts for its enterprise customers. The president of marketing solutions at Quad/Graphics, Tim Ohnmacht, spoke about the link between that type of advertising and his company’s new HP model.

“The art and science of data-driven personalization has become a prerequisite for direct mail marketers,” Ohnmacht said. “The addition of this advanced four-color technology in our Effingham facility enables marketers to make print materials highly personal while also increasing our capacity to take on increased volumes in this fast-growing segment of direct marketing.”

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Ohnmacht continued by noting that Quad/Graphics wants to make real-time advertisements for its business clients. Of course, for those clients, the ability to send out meaningful messages to its customers should result in greater engagements with those people. The companies left behind in this age of instant communication are those who have not taken advantage of quick and personal means of creating a dialogue between the business and the end user.

This all begs the question, however: Why print media? It is clear that print can still make an impact on consumers despite its relatively slow reaction to individuals immediate needs. Social media and similar online platforms, on the other hand, have allowed marketers to reach consumers with advertisements that are immediate in the sense that those ads react to online behavior. Such ads can even react to behavior that has just taken place, such as finding themselves displayed in front of a user who completed a relevant search on Google. Moreover, online outlets lend themselves to real-time analysis of their efficacy, so marketers can gain instant feedback about their campaigns.

Print media can gain the benefit of real-time online analysis by taking information from customers’ online behaviors and moving that data to direct mail efforts. Quad/Graphics indicated that the new printer will help its team assist clients with their own transfers of online actions to relevant print media.

The real power of print media will then make its appearance, literally. The look and feel of a non-digital ad, driven by the C800’s high-resolution, color prints will then arrive more quickly to the customer’s doorstep; users will have something in their hands that shows a personalized message and is also pleasing to the eye. This is how Quad/Graphics says it hopes to make use of its new printer. It will combine the speedy and exact nature of online analytics with the physical feel of mail. For its clients, Ohnmacht and company surely hope, the resulting mixture will provide ads rich in personal context, ready to call consumers to act on their material wants.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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