Salesforce's Goal: $20 Billion in Revenue

December 01, 2016

Salesforce, a brand that has become synonymous with cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM), has announced its plan to target an annual revenue goal of $20 billion.

Yes, that figure of 20,000 billion dollars looks realistic for the CRM giant that has – as if its possible future was not impressive enough – also released its revenue outlook for 2018 that may see $10 billion. The speedy jump from today’s revenue of approximately $2.14 billion, noted an analyst at IT research firm TBR, will arrive on the back of Salesforce’s acquisitions and advisory services to those companies moving more of their assets to digital. Marketing for the new services appears to have the option of taking care of themselves.

Kelsey Mason, the TBR analyst, commented in a recent article that Salesforce will try to bring more of its professional advisory services to market

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as the months pass. In large part, she noted, the crux of this change has already occurred in Salesforce’s acquisition of Gravitytank this past September.

The change in strategy for the CRM developer will also see its mark made in the partner community that already supplements these core efforts. In particular, the Salesforce Einstein for Partner Community should help product specialists assist their own local clients with questions pertinent to their individual situations.

This all comes full circle when Einstein assists Salesforce with its marketing efforts. In a sense, Einstein has begun to sell itself (and therefore the parent brand) by using artificial intelligence (AI) to help product sellers. Salesforce, Mason continued, has acquired six additional companies in the past year that focus on AI to keep pace with customer demand for automated decision making within the Salesforce platform.

Companies new to CRM will hear about the use of AI and make their way to Salesforce as a matter of course. The revenue generated from new subscriptions and from partners’ efforts will grow, and the goal of $20 billion will come closer into view.

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