L'Oreal Puts Together 'Beauty Squad' of Relatable Women

December 09, 2016

The beauty industry is constantly changing—what was considered fashionable yesterday could be deemed “out” today. Quite honestly, all these changing trends in beauty and fashion can be kind of hard to keep up with. That’s why beauty vloggers and Instagram users have become so popular. They’re normal people who happen to be extraordinary with a makeup brush, and they have some great tips and tricks to provide to their viewers.

These people have been making tutorials and offering advice for years, garnering some pretty impressive follower numbers. However, since 2013 there has been a massive rise in the role of influencers in marketing. Now, people who were once just posting videos to YouTube and Instagram for fun are being paid to do so by companies. They still have huge followings, and are often a more trusted source of information than the companies themselves.

One company looking to take advantage of the popularity of beauty influencers is L’Oréal. L’Oréal has recently launched its “Beauty Squad” of influencers to boost marketing, promote products and reach viewers of all ages, races, etc.

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The squad is made up of five of the UK’s most beloved and influential beauty bloggers: Patricia Bright, Emily Canham, Kaushal, Ruth Crilly and Victoria Magrath. The women have a combined viewership of more than five million people on YouTube and other social media channels. As writer Nikki Gilliland points out in her blog, five million is a big number, but not as big as it could be. Why wouldn’t L’Oréal choose a single influencer—which is often the trend—with viewership in the double digits?

The answer is simple, and it’s a marketing practice that should be applied by any company looking to use influencers. If you’re going to use influencers who aren’t famous celebrities, the whole point is that they should be relatable. The five women chosen by L’Oréal are just that; they represent a diverse group who are all beautiful in their own unique ways. For years, the women have been showing women who look like them how to get the most out of their makeup use, and now they’ll be able to do so on a larger scale, using L’Oréal’s products.

L’Oréal’s latest tagline “Because We Are All Worth It” showcases the brand’s dedication to becoming more inclusive. The women represent a variety of ages, ethnicities and styles, ensuring that any woman watching can relate to at least one of them and, therefore, the L’Oréal brand as a whole.

This is an important lesson that a lot of marketers need to learn. Most agencies stick to one influencer and trust them to promote their product. For instance, one of the most popular influencers is Kim Kardashian. She’s certainly beautiful and gets brands a lot of attention, but not everyone likes her or can relate to her. There are undoubtedly people who would be turned off from a brand simply because they don’t like the influencer associated with the company.

Choosing multiple, less popular influencers was a smart move by L’Oréal. Viewers can watch the above video with no preconceived notions and think, “Wow, she looks just like me.” Using non-celebrity women gets rid of any bias and helps viewers relate to the influencer, which ultimately results in customer trust in the influencer as well as the brand.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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