Stache Media Names New VP of Marketing

December 13, 2016

Sometimes when a position opens up, the best choice is to promote from within. This is true in almost every industry because no one understands a company as well as someone already working there. In marketing, this might be even more relevant, because new hires need to understand everything about the brand—what it stands for, where it’s been, what approaches it takes to advertising, etc.

This philosophy is great for people already working who want promotions, but not so great for those looking for jobs. Luckily for Allison Moore of Stache Media, her company thinks promoting from within is the best thing for the success of the organization.

A recent announcement from Stache Media stated that Moore has been appointed as the new vice president of marketing by President Bob Morelli, to whom she’ll be reporting. Stache Media is a full service marketing agency that specializes in music and entertainment. It is the

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marketing arm of Red Distribution, and focuses on streaming and influencer marketing to get its messages across.

In her new role at the company, Moore will continue to help Stache Media achieve success by overseeing all marketing functions in North America. Based on her resume and past experiences with the company, it’s clear why Stache Media believed promoting from within was the best choice. Moore joined Red Distribution in 2007 and was immediately considered a major player on the team after helping to launch Stache Media that same year. She worked hard to grow the advertising department, which is now one of the company’s biggest sectors, and has found success in her endeavors to maximize social and digital trends.

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Moore is also familiar with some big names in the music industry after helping run their marketing campaigns. She has worked with Mumford & Sons, Bonnie Raitt, Phoenix, Santana and Daya, to name a few. She already has great relationships with these artists, and will be able to grow them, along with any new relationships, in her new role as VP.

The company is excited to see what Moore will bring to her new position, with Morelli saying, “We are proud to have Allison Moore as Stache Media’s new VP/Marketing. She has spent years shaping Stache into the impressive marketing agency it is today, and with her knowledge and experience, I know we are set up for success.”

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