Resound Marketing Chosen to Tell SOURCENEXT's Story

December 16, 2016

Resound Marketing is a public relations (PR) agency that helps clients “make some noise” through targeted media and marketing programs that turn mind share into market share. The agency is dedicated to helping its clients tell their stories through advanced storytelling by focusing on the most interesting aspects of a brand’s narrative. Resound Marketing lays a heavy emphasis on connecting to audiences through powerful, compelling marketing stories that people won’t be able to easily forget.

Due to these efforts and the amount of personal attention each client receives, Resound Marketing has been selected as the U.S. public relations agency of record by SOURCENEXT, Japan’s publicly traded, market-leading software publisher and distributor.

SOURCENEXT specializes in helping U.S. and other foreign-based software companies launch their desktop and mobile apps in the Japanese market. According to a statement from Resound Marketing, the company was chosen by SOURCENEXT to “apply its signature PR storytelling style for technology and services companies to raise awareness among key U.S. audiences of SOURCENEXT’s consumer applications, as well as its unique, full-service Japanese market penetration program for software providers.”

Now, Resound Marketing will put its talents to use and utilize its press relationships in technology, entrepreneur and mainstream business media to help share SOURCENEXT’s story. Focusing on the most interesting aspects of SOURCENEXT’s story, it will discuss corporate profiles, best practices, case studies and thought leadership campaigns to highlight SOURCENEXT’s role in helping U.S. software and app companies enter and grow their share within the Japanese market.

SOURCENEXT is excited about teaming up with Resound Marketing, and is confident it’s the right agency to help build SOURCENEXT’s image: “While cloud-based distribution models may have eased entering foreign markets for software companies, many still face immense challenges in growing market share and achieving profitability, especially in the APAC region,” said Noriyuki Matsuda, CEO and founder of SOURCENEXT. “Resound Marketing has the media experience and business acumen to help us amplify our brand story among U.S. software companies - so we can create more profitable, win-win partnerships with software vendors, as we have for Dropbox, Evernote, Magix, and others.”

Hopefully both companies find success in this newfound friendship.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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