How Dedicated Are You to Content Marketing?

December 19, 2016

We spend a lot of time discussing the importance of content marketing—how it can benefit us, strategies we can use, what types of content to focus on, etc. These are all great ideas, but the only way content marketing will actually benefit a company is if said company is completely dedicated to the task. At least, that’s what findings from a new study suggest, and the statistics may shock you.

A new report, “Content Marketing in the UL 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends,” from the Content Marketing Institute suggests that UK marketers who report high levels of commitment to content marketing can provide some valuable insights to other companies. The Tomorrow People-sponsored report suggests that these agencies do content marketing very differently than their competitors, and the difference in results speaks volumes.

Of those surveyed, 61 percent of the UK marketers said that their organizations are extremely or very committed to content marketing. This means that they are more likely than the overall sample to understand what an effective or successful content marketing program looks like within their organization; document their content marketing strategy; allocate a higher percentage of their budget to content marketing; and value creativity and craft in content creation and production.

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One of the more important statistics for companies to take note of is that 65 percent of content marketing-focused agencies can demonstrate, with metrics, how content marketing has increased their number of leads. Additionally, 60 percent of UK marketers said they are much more or somewhat more successful with content marketing than they were a year ago. So, not only will marketers gain valuable skills from implementing this type of marketing, but they will also be able to see the effects the change in focus will have.

While not all companies are focuses on this form of marketing right now, the study indicates that more agencies are getting on board. In fact, 53 percent plan to increase their content marketing spending over the next 12 months and 82 percent stated that they will focus on lead generation as a content marketing goal in that same amount of time.

Whether your agency currently focuses on content marketing or not, the statistics cannot be denied. Those who implement this type of marketing can see the difference in results, and they like what they see. The key here is for companies that choose to go the content route to stick with it and remain dedicated to the marketing strategy. If they do, they’re sure to see similar success rates.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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