Datorama Marketing Taps Alexa for Voice

December 28, 2016

It's wonderful, sometimes, how much life starts to look like “Star Trek.” For a while, companies were racing to develop the real-world equivalent of a tricorder, which is already being seen on some smartphones.  Now, we're increasingly able to ask questions of our computer systems and have them answered, in a language we can understand, without a keyboard. A new report shows just how far this system is going, as Datorama adopted Amazon Alexa as a voice agent for its marketing analytics.

Under the new program, those using the Datorama platform can now use Alexa to drive the “Ask Datorama Anything” skill, just by asking Alexa to enable it. It represents the only Alexa-based front end system for a marketing tool around that's known of so far, according to Datorama's CMO Leah Pope. She also pointed out that Sisense has an Alexa front end as well, but since Sisense is considered a business intelligence (BI) tool, rather than a marketing analytics tool, it doesn't apply here.

With Alexa driving the new interface, it becomes possible to pull out information readily just by asking for it. Using the phrase “Alexa, ask Datorama” to start, users can follow up with questions like “What is my top-performing campaign by clicks in the last week?” Alexa can handle the natural language, and Datorama understands certain keywords, so the two can work together accordingly. There's even room for further customization; a client with specific naming conventions, for example—like a key performance indicator (KPI)—can be added after the fact.

Basically, the system takes what's already working well and makes it better. The information in question—which is vital to any marketing

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operation of any size and substance—is available with a simple, hands-free question. It becomes possible for marketers in the midst of typing reports or building presentations to get information without having to move away from a current tab. The end result is seconds saved on every query, which, taken over a large enough office for a sufficient duration, can add up to cost savings as well.

Improved searches, faster results and smoother operations: that's the end result of the change where Amazon Alexa is added to Datorama's marketing operations. It's a package that makes for better, more cost-effective marketing, and a better overall business. It may seem a little bit like science fiction, but being able to ask simple questions and get useful information in return may be just the streamlining many businesses needed.

Edited by Alicia Young

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