Marketers Create Rewards App for California Pizza Kitchen

February 06, 2017

The California Pizza Kitchen is becoming the latest large chain restaurant to attempt to further entice customers by instituting a loyalty rewards program. The CPK Rewards Pizza Dough program will allow customers to earn points when visiting California Pizza Kitchen locations that they can later redeem for free food and other prizes. The rewards program will be facilitated through a new mobile app. Points can be redeemed for credit towards food at California Pizza Kitchen, and are also entitled to a free dessert in their birthday month.

In addition to simply tracking points, the new app will have a number of other helpful functions. Customers can attach credit cards or gift cards to the app and use their phone to pay through their mobile device. Users can also turn on push notifications that let them know when they are in the vicinity of a restaurant, or when there is a new deal or promotion going on. Finally, users can also place takeout orders through the app and have their food waiting for them when they arrive at the restaurant.

The mobile app was developed through collaboration between California Pizza Kitchen and Paytronix, which will support and furnish the loyalty

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program. Our enhanced CPK Pizza Dough Rewards app represents a best-in-class partnered approach between our loyalty provider, Paytronix, and CPK IT and Marketing, working hand-in-hand to develop an omnichannel experience that delivers on our guests’ core needs, from the palm of their hand to point-of-sale,” said Andy Mai, chief information officer at California Pizza Kitchen. “This integration between loyalty, tech and marketing also offers us the nimbleness and flexibility to introduce additional functionality that enhances the guest experience in the future.”

Marketers have been demonstrating for some time now that rewards programs are incredibly effective at driving repeat business. Customers

enjoy that their patronization of an establishment can lead to them earning rewards in the long term, and they also enjoy the sense of being an insider and receiving special information and deals. The California Pizza Kitchen rewards program should bring with it a boost in business for the restaurant chain.

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