Bank Marketer Creates Facebook Messenger Chatbot

February 07, 2017

Spain has become the latest country to have chatbots become a key part of its customer service platform. ImaginBank, the mobile only branch of Caixa Bank, has announced the launch of its new Spanish language chatbot to aid in customer service and the distribution of customer discounts and giveaways.

The chatbot makes it quick and easy for customers to learn if a place they are shopping at has a discount catered by ImaginBank. Currently, ImaginBank offers discounts at over 100 locations throughout Spain, including restaurants, hotels, leisure activities, clothing boutiques, concerts, movies, and much more. ImaginBank had noticed in the past that customers had not been taking full advantage of these discounts, and created this chatbot to make it easier for them to realize when they are eligible for a discount, and make use of it.

Customers can now send text messages to this bot over Facebook Messenger asking about what discounts are available in the area surrounding

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them, or in a given category. The bot will automatically process the request and give an answer, complete with links to more specific information.

This is not the first foray ImaginBank has had into the realm of artificial intelligence. The bank unrolled a Twitter bot in 2016 that customers can interact with. It will either answer simple questions or transfer more complex ones to humans in the customer service departments. It can help customers locate their nearest bank branch ATM, as well as keep customers updated about the stock price of the bank. Any more complex questions are currently beyond the technological scope of the artificial intelligence.

ImaginBank is the latest in a long line of customer facing businesses that have begun to invest their time and money in chatbots. Customers are incredibly receptive to their advent because they make it quicker and easier to have their simple questions answered, without being forced to wait on hold or actually visit a branch in person. Businesses should also embrace them, as they reduce customer service costs and increase customer satisfaction. More and more of these chatbots for customers can be expected to become a part of the business would in the near future.

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