Salesforce Brings AI to Marketing Platform

February 15, 2017

Salesforce is upgrading its Service Cloud marketing platform with the addition of artificial intelligence. Early this week, the company, which specializes in customer relations management, announced the launch of Service Cloud Einstein. This is a more enhanced version of the company’s existing customer service cloud that focuses on leveraging artificial intelligence to create a better and more efficient customer service experience.

It is important to note that the implementation of this artificial intelligence is not intended to supplant the human interactions of customer service. Salesforce will be keeping its customer service contact center in place as is. However, the goal is that the use of artificial intelligence will make the flow of conversations more intuitive for customer service agents, and allow them to be more prepared to answer the questions that customers have by the time they interact.

“Customers today expect and demand great service experiences,” said Adam Blitzer, EVP and GM for Service and Sales Clouds at Salesforce.

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“Service Cloud Einstein empowers companies to transform any customer service interaction into a smart conversation that drives brand loyalty and creates customers for life.”

The Einstein Service Cloud will leverage machine learning to organize and classify interactions with customers. The artificial intelligence will sort through the data of interactions over text-based communications as well as phone conversations to figure out the various issues that customers tend to have, and the time and level of difficulty that it takes for customer service representatives to remedy them. Over time, this will create a categorization for calls based on the type of issue, as well as a hierarchy that ranks the calls in terms of difficulty to deal with.

With the implementation of this artificial intelligence, customer agents will be able to better specialize which type of issues that they deal with. This specialization will allow them to be more adept at solving issues in their area, increasing speed and success rates. It will be incredibly valuable for companies to utilize machine learning in a manner like this, as the dividends from customer satisfaction will be well worth it in the long run.

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