NinthDecimal Riding Data-Driven Demand

March 08, 2017

Momentum is a funny thing. Wins quickly add up, and before you know, the journey carried you miles beyond your starting point. For a business, especially a startup, early wins are crucial. Far too often, an enthusiastic entrepreneur will energize their team to no avail; however those startups capable of turning a snowflake into the snowball effect are set up for long term success. And today, citing a growing demand for omni-channel marketing solutions, NinthDecimal announced a profitable 2016, carrying the big mo’ into 2017.

Michael Fordyce, CEO of NinthDecimal exclaimed, “The increase in demand for our products, which is generating tremendous business growth, is a tribute to the value we are delivering to marketers and partners. This past year’s success puts us in a great position to continue our positive momentum in 2017.”

In specific, Q4 2016 illustrated a steep incline in demand for data and measurement services. NinthDecimal, happy to oblige, is a marketing platform powered by location data that saw these two areas of business account for an average of 200 percent increase in year-over-year revenue – with the offshoot of a 70 percent bump in customer growth.

Its data-driven approach attracted Trilia as a partner, which resulted in the ability to offer clients a head-to-toe portrait of customers and the ability to gain actionable insight from customer behavior. 2016 served as a banner year for the LCI Verified Partner program, reaching nearly 200 by year’s end; extending reach and increasing demand. Marketing in general is decidedly migrating in a data-driven direction, creating a cornucopia of opportunity for those capable of separating from the pack in this omni-channel marketing environment.

“Our partnership with NinthDecimal has played a key role in developing data-driven and highly targeted campaigns for our major clients,” said Trilia President Cindy Stockwell. “We value the way their unique audience intelligence supports our commitment to use science and data insights throughout the process, from developing targeting strategies to delivering expanded reach and increased accuracy that ultimately generates stronger results.” 

Three areas saw the benefits of an extended partner network and improved access to the NinthDecimal product suite. 2016 marks the second consecutive year of triple digit programmatic data growth – to the tune of a 300 percent impression volume increase. The expanded use of offline attribution in omni-channel campaigns served as impetus for NinthDecimal’s LCI measuring almost 150 percent more cross-device campaigns in 2016. Last, but certainly not least, the digitalization of TV creates a demand for digital based planning in addition to measurement and targeting solutions. NinthDecimal’s TV LCI saw a 500 percent increase in measurement of advanced TV campaigns.

Startups are a sacred thing; the bricks that built America. Entrepreneurs take an idea from concept to reality, and very rarely do we see a prosperous bottom line as a result. Kudos to NinthDecimal. Data-driven marketing in an omni-channel environment is without a doubt where the industry is heading, thankfully, firms like NinthDecimal are here to guide the journey.

Are your marketing efforts data-driven? Or just doodles?

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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