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March 14, 2017

Enterprise work management solutions serve to synchronize operations. From a marketing perspective, making it easy to offer feedback on creative assets or craft a campaign among disparate locations is invaluable. Think about a franchise like Cinnabon. While I’m sure enterprise work management is not the first thought while enjoying that sweet, gooey goodness, it is vital in delivering your experience.

Today Workfront announced that FOCUS Brands – operator of over 1,800 franchises around the world, including Cinnabon, Auntie Anne’s, Carvel and more – received the Workfront Lion Award for its implementation of organizational change. In deploying Workfront’s solution, FOCUS creative teams are capable of creating and curing national brand loyalty programs, which drive revenue across various brands.

There is a clear difference in operations since the deployment. FOCUS team communications were all over the map, literally. Marketers would

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exchange information via email, mark-ups, face-to-face communications. Much was done with pen and paper – approvals, work assignments, job requests etc. In servicing over 1,800 franchises, creative teams are typically tasked with providing in the neighborhood of 500 tasks a month. Each task amounts to up to 10 deliverables. Since making the switch, FOCUS reports a 20 percent boost in operational efficiency.

In addition, FOCUS notes greatly reduced printing costs (25,000-plus of full color artwork) as well as a reduced audit process and administration time routing. Workfront is making waves as a digital marketing tool, making the most complex of campaigns piece together seamlessly.

FOCUS didn’t simply throw a dart at the wall or flip through the “white pages” when selecting Workfront; after performing its due diligence, the project management tool stood out. From the digital proofing and dashboards to the automation, audits and accurate reporting, FOCUS is finding a way to fully benefit from the host of capabilities.

“Workfront is the clear leader in delivering the capabilities marketers should have in a work management solution,” said Katie George, services traffic manager at FOCUS Brands. “One of the best things about Workfront is that it’s constantly being updated. Workfront is a living, breathing technology.”

Digital is the new black. Innovation is introducing agile, efficient and highly effective marketing and management tools for today’s omnichannel world. One could say that the next generation is coming into FOCUS thanks to future-forward firms like Workfront.

Edited by Alicia Young

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