Media Giants Forge Partnership to Boost Digital Presence

March 15, 2017

Condé Nast has reached an agreement with two other media giants, NBC Universal and Vox, to work together to share advertising across their digital properties. The move will create a partnership that will make it easier and cheaper for these brands to advertise on each other’s networks. The companies came to this agreement while looking for ways to expand their digital advertising presence, as more tech-centric companies like Facebook and Google have largely taken over the market share for the moment.

The partnership of these companies will give marketers a wider portfolio of content on which they can purchase advertising space. This allows them to reach out to their target demographics across content created by all of these companies through a one stop shop. For example, a food services company might want to purchase ad space on “Top Chef” pages (a Bravo TV show owned by NBC Universal) and (a website owned by Vox). This advertising partnership would allow them to do that all in one fell swoop.

The main goal for advertisers in this partnership is to create consistent quality content that consumers can trust, by allowing advertisement to

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have a consistent message across multiple reputable media platforms. “In an era of fake news, ad fraud and ad blockers, we are looking to build something advertisers can trust,” said Jim Bankoff, chairman and CEO, Vox Media.

Another part of this partnership that will be incredibly valuable for NBC Universal and Vox is the marketing data analytics from Condé Nast, which they will now have access to as well. This powerful analytics platform combines information about the online behaviors of customers with their purchasing habits. This will allow marketers to fine tune their campaigns in real time, and the platform has recently expanded to include social media marketing.

The fact that these older and larger companies are working together to facilitate better digital marketing showcases the newfound importance that digital media has in the field of advertising. Marketers should be on the lookout for more ways to leverage their digital marketing efforts.

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