Conversion Logic Helping Marketers with Cross-Channel Conversion

March 16, 2017

New potential channels are opening up from marketers seemingly every day. With the Internet of Things allowing for every day household appliances to become connected, marketers have more avenues to reach customers than ever before. While there are absolutely benefits to this from a marketing standpoint, it can also be overwhelming. All of these new channels mean that much more data for marketers to sift through, and it can be very difficult to discern any useful information from that data. That is exactly the problem that Conversion Logic is seeking to solve.

Conversion Logic is an analytics based software-as-a-service that is designed to provide data analytics about customer outreach across multiple channels. It is designed to consider the customer across all channels as a whole and see how they interact with each other, not simply look at each channel individually. Clearly, there are high hopes for this platform: Conversion Logic recently closed a nine million dollar round of Series A financing.

“Platforms need to remain adaptable to changing customer behavior, as well as data availability as they move into new connected environments

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like the IoT of cars and home automation,” Brian Baumgart, cofounder and CEO at Conversion Logic, told Venture Beat. “Attribution’s role as the intelligence layer that measures advertising exposure through the customer journey will not really change, it will simply continue to enrich what marketers can learn about their customer and ad effectiveness.”

The world today is growing more interconnected than ever before. More technology in the daily life of the average American means that marketers today have more opportunities to connect with prospective customers than ever before. While this is an obvious opportunity, it also presents unique challenges. Marketers will have to comb through more data than ever before and work to try and figure out how all the individual pieces of information fit together. The hope is that Conversion Logic and other analytics providers of the same ilk can help provide a tool for marketers to comb through all of that information and glean something useful.

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