PRCP Tests Digital Sensory Experience for Shoppers

March 17, 2017

Brick and mortar retailers are facing incredible challenges when it comes to competing with e-commerce. Even though the vast majority of purchases are still made off-line, it is getting harder to get foot traffic into shopping centers as online purchases continue to improve with same day deliveries. Pacific Retail Capital Partners (PRCP) is addressing this challenge by deploying technologies that will engage customers as they visit the many properties the company owns across the country. The company announced it has successfully tested a digital sensory experience in Utah by connecting visitors and engaging them with technology that is similar to their smartphones in the way they interact with it.

With $1B worth of assets, PRCP specializes in delivering value through active management and focusing capital to improve sales and net operating income over a general period by bringing in local retailers and food services to create more of an eclectic group, this according to the company.

The digital sensory experience was the first in Utah, and by all accounts it has been a hit with shoppers of all different ages and interests at The Shops at South Town center. Based on the success in Utah, PRCP is planning to roll out the same system across the country in 2017.

Najla Kayyem, Vice President of Marketing for Pacific Retail Capital Partners, explained the digital sensory experience deployment by saying, “We've reinvented the traditional shopping trip by looking at open spaces surrounding brick and mortar stores in a new way. Now we can create a seamless sensory experience that fits the needs of millennials, young families and seasoned shoppers through large-scale digital interfaces that are customized to specific communities’ needs.”

For large scale centers such as The Shops at South Town in Utah, which has 1.3 million-square  feet of space, this type of technology allows operators to use empty space effectively.

The displays in Utah include six digital directories featuring touch screen technology, real time deals, social interaction, live streaming, Beacon

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technology, selfie photo capabilities and mobile app functionality.

There is also a 13-foot by six-foot, ultra-high-resolution interactive play wall designed for children with an emoji game. As the company said, these displays can be customized to address the specific needs of each location and the demographic within it. Another very large multi-media wall display will highlight multiple entertainment content including digital art, movies, sporting events, live streams and more. This display is able to answer text queries from shoppers in near real time.

The vast majority of brick and mortar retailers already have a digital presence with e-commerce capabilities, but by bringing the very same features consumers expect on their website or smartphones to a shopping center, it adds a new level of engagement that can drive in foot traffic at a time when it is slowing down.

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