Lingotek Helps Demonstrate Value of Polyglot Content

March 17, 2017

Content marketing, in recent days, has distinguished itself in the field as being an authentic alternative to many common breeds of advertising, and one that has significantly more impact. Though some here may wonder, what kind of impact does this content have in other languages? That's a question that Lingotek looks to answer with a new multilingual business intelligence app that offers insight into costs, controls, governance and more when the content goes into several languages.

This measure comes at a time when localization is increasingly taken on as a strategic initiative in a bid to increase overall reach and improve customer experience, which in turn optimally should deliver revenue growth. Lingotek's system, therefore, offers information relevant to localization efforts. This includes such points as time to market, compliance with key points like brand and terminology across different languages, organizational reuse for cost savings and others.

Several separate dashboards combine to offer a complete picture, from top down to bottom up views. For instance, the Home dashboard offers a

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complete summary of translation activities, including key points like on-time delivery percentages or average time to market. The Performance dashboard, meanwhile, tracks projects within the company itself, showing percentages of current projects that are active, overdue, at risk, or completed. 

Meanwhile, the Assets dashboard offers insight on what assets can be reused and with what degree of ability. The Content dashboard allows a complete word count breakdown based on what's currently available, the average project size, and total documents in play. Finally, the key performance indicators (KPI) dashboard offers what the name suggests: performance indicators that may have different priority by organization.

Lingotek's CEO and president Rob Vandenberg commented, “Lingotek is giving senior executive management an unprecedented, real-time look at their multilingual content analytics. It's a game changer in global digital transformation. This app displays all the statistics and information you need to strategically manage your multilingual content, enhance your operational efficiency, and ultimately increase both customer experience, and expand top line revenue growth.”

Content has great value, and not just in English. The same principles of authenticity and value that drive content marketing in the United States likely drive it in France, Italy, Thailand and Japan, places that don't automatically speak English. Localization can therefore allow businesses to take advantage of locally-developed content on the world stage, and get more value out of content developed once.

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