Astro Creates Email App for Marketers

March 20, 2017

Astro has created a new email assistant called the Astrobot, which is designed to help marketers get the most out of their email marketing efforts. At first glance, this platform seems a lot like many of the other third party email platforms already in existence. It allows for the creation of lists, the designations of VIP email addresses, scheduling emails, and a few other basic features. However, a closer look at Astrobot shows that it has much more it can offer marketers.

“This is sort of a communications assistant,” said cofounder Ross Dargahi. “As things are happening in different places, no matter what you’re focused or working on at that moment, you’re learning about things. It’s following you and telling you and pulling together all these different data sources to give you that real, thick, crisp signal and getting rid of the noise.”

Astrobot uses artificial intelligence to sort through emails and make sure that users see the most important ones. In many cases, this means

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prioritizing those sent by actual people over those from automated email lists. It also makes use of chatbot technology to inform users about trends that can be discerned from their email habits, such as use of language, time of email sending, or speed of reply. It also can send personalized alerts when an entered task is not completed by the designated time. This creates a more personalized experience for users while at the same time making it easier for them to stay organized.

Like all artificial intelligence, the more users and more use that Astrobot gets, the more accurate and helpful it will become. “We’re learning based upon your behavior and interactions with people what really belongs in that priority. And the user can also classify things as important or unimportant,” said CEO Andy Pflaum.

This email tool will be a valuable one for marketers. In the business world today, there is so much information flying around that it can be easy to lose track of the important things. Having an email assistant that can help prioritize and remind marketers when important tasks are left open can dramatically reduce mistakes and optimize time in the workplace.

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