Kitewheel Powers Omnichannel Solution in New Partnership

March 23, 2017

Any marketing expert will tell you that the key to business success is having an omnichannel approach. Sure, there are plenty of other important factors that go into running a business, but hopping on the omnichannel bandwagon is one of the best ways to make sure that your customers are happy. And, after all, happy customers make for good business.

Having an omnichannel approach to customer service has become increasingly important over the years. This is largely because we as a society are used to getting what we want, when we want. Between having all the answers at our fingertips with Google and smartphones, and quick shipping options from Amazon, we’re not used to waiting. The last thing a business needs is to have customers eager to reach out to it for help on social media, but not having that as an option.

On the flip side, omnichannel also provides a broad look at the entire customer journey. Yes, you want to be able to help customers when they need it, but you also want to be able to identify potential problems before they turn into problems. That’s why solutions exist to help companies monitor all their channels at once, ensuring that they don’t miss an important interaction. Seeing how customers interact with various outreach and marketing attempts on different platforms also enables companies to allocate their resources better because they can spend more time and effort on the approaches that appear to actually be working.

The growing importance of omnichannel to company success is why SG360° has joined forces with Kitewheel. SG360° is a printing and direct marketing service provider that offers multichannel marketing solutions. Its services range from research and strategy to concept and execution, and include multichannel marketing, direct mail, data analytics, and fulfillment, among other services. Thanks to this new partnership, Kitewheel, provider of the Customer Journey Hub, will power an omnichannel marketing offering from SG360° that will help create more productive customer journeys.

According to Mary Lee Schneider, SG360° CEO, the company has been advocating for omnichannel for quite some time now. She thinks bringing in the new solutions will only further its goals of promoting omnichannel, saying, “Our Kitewheel solution enables marketers to integrate their existing technology investments with customer data to drive real-time application of personalized communications.  This in turn allows them to adjust tactics and improve results.”

Kitewheel is also excited about the partnership, with President Mark Smith saying, “At Kitewheel, we are strong believers that the marketing channel is less important than the quality and timing of the message. We're excited to bring that mentality to enabling SG360°'s omnichannel approach to print and digital…By looking at the customer journey in its entirety, we can more accurately predict the messages that will most resonate with individual consumers, and enable SG360°'s clients see even better returns on their marketing investments through this enhanced personalization.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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