March Madness Meant for Location-Based Marketing

March 30, 2017

In life, timing is everything. And in today’s digital era, marketers must possess the ability to diagnose and seize the moment of opportunity. Far more than just a moment, March Madness and the Final Four are some of sports’ most exciting events, bringing together fans (prospective customers) from around the country to root their alma mater or favorite squad or player onto a championship. The spectacular event provides marketers a unique occasion to reach millions – if they can seize the moment.

Sixgill, an IoT software firm, is rejuvenating marketers with its exceptional solutions, which gather data from location-based sensors to send relevant alerts and offers to mobile phones. Recent statistics from Pew Research highlight that nine of 10 smartphone owners in the United States utilize the location services on their devices. This notion is spawning a surge in location-based marketing, as it serves as an optimal way to increase customer base and engagement.

The implementation provides two primary services. It offers immediate feedback on crowd behaviors in addition to a mechanism that allows a carrier to connect customers with context-specific information and offers. 

From the technical side of things, this involves millions of fans and lots of surge traffic. Sixgill turned to ScaleArc for its database load balancing

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software to withstand the traffic barrage and ensure uptime and performance. This type of proximity enablement is nothing new to Sixgill, as in recent years it has empowered apps for the University of Arizona, New York Jets, IMG, Rugby World Cup, New York Auto Show and New York Fashion Week – just to name a few.

John Dohm, CTO of Sixgill, told Mad Marketer, “Events like the NCAA tournament give service providers a unique opportunity to reach valuable customers. Leveraging a combination of timing, location, and interests – derived from the customers’ attendance at these events – the providers can craft compelling offers that resonate with these customers. The customers, in turn, have a better chance of receiving an offer with real value, which builds appreciation of and loyalty for that provider.”

The 2017 March Madness tournament has been nothing short of exceptional – from the Ball boys and Cinderella stories to perennial powerhouses doing what they do best: winning. I continue to watch (even though my bracket went down in flames during the first weekend), as do millions of others because there is nothing like a buzzer beater, or watching David slay Goliath. The field has dwindled from 68 to four, and after Monday, a winner will be crowned. Marketers may not care who wins, but putting the power of data and engagement to work, there could be multiple champions to come out of this weekend – if ya know what I mean?

Are sports venues the best forum for location-based marketing? Do you use location-based marketing? 

Edited by Alicia Young

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