Efficiency Jump Prompts Workfront's Lion Award

April 06, 2017

Familiar with Baby Einstein? How about Bright Starts, Oball or Ingenuity? If any of these names strike a chord for you, you're familiar with Kids II. Now there's a new reason to be familiar with this company, as it recently won a Lion Award from Workfront after Kids II used Workfront tools to successfully increase efficiency in current operations by 50 percent.

Just integrating with Kids II's operations was a tall order; the company was using a variety of tools from Dropbox to Slack to Host Analytics and beyond to get the job done. Anything that came in needed to work with all those points at once, and Workfront could do that job out of the gate.

The numbers certainly tell a compelling story. For instance, the company posted a 90 percent reduction in the use of email. Kids II's information technology staff is now using Workfront for back-and-forth communications, dropping email use through the floor. Marketing project iterations—those edited versions that go from start to finish—have dropped from 10 on average to just three, meaning a lot more is getting done in the same amount of time.

Meetings, the common bane of many employees' lives, have dropped 50 percent in terms of total time spent; while previously, meetings might

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cover checking in on 100 items, now meetings can deal with three to five core issues, a much faster and more focused process.

These points together, among others still, have served to make IT responses more predictable and more trustworthy in the process. Employees can now detail time against projects, which makes deadlines more realistic and based on current measures.

While it might be going too far to say that efficiency is up 50 percent—it's almost like saying happiness or patriotism is up by that number—there are certainly more than enough concrete measures here to tell that Kids II is getting serious value out of the Workfront portfolio.  Any of these measures in isolation would be good news for a company; these represent significant advances in how much gets done every day, and in turn, how much chance for profitability there is on hand. All of these together are just a litany of good news, and well worth taking on, especially from something as comparatively simple as new software.

It's great news for Kids II, and great news for Workfront, who now has a nice big new feather in its cap to show potential customers. This is what Workfront can do for an organization, and Workfront will likely use its new Lion Award winner's story to great effect in making future sales.

Edited by Alicia Young

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