Workfront Says Your Work Matters

April 11, 2017

When Joe Schmo wakes up in the morning to go to work, what runs through his head? Is he running through the PowerPoint for the morning’s meeting? Maybe Joe is envisioning the art for a new client’s project? For many, this is a passion, not just another project. It is because when we are empowered in the workplace, and feel our work matters, then the phrase “I’ll be taking care of you,” takes on a whole new meeting.

At Workfront’s Leap, Workfront’s CMO opened the day’s keynotes with an entertaining look at work. Mind you, the companies utilizing Workfront are some of the most forward thinking companies in the world. And for his presentation, Staples popped in on, or as he put it, “cornered,” some knowledge workers to know what they liked most about their work, and why their work matters.

Not surprisingly, "the people” was the most common response. Other popular responses included work life balance or the discovery aspect of

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their roles, but far and away “I love the people I work with” won the day. Staples notes how important those relationships are as “we go to work every day to interact with people.”

The second question, “Why does your work matter?” received a more diverse spread of responses with a common thread – your work does matter. As Staples exclaimed, “That’s the reason you stay late on a Friday night to get things done…or the reason you won’t stop on that third draft of copy.”

What you do matters, and Workfront is enabling the modern digital workforce with the tools required to streamline business processes, and allow the team to focus on what’s really important, what really matters. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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