NeuLion ACE Analytics Provides Valuable Customer Insights

April 21, 2017

Offering high quality digital experiences to customers is essential to the success of any business, especially in the marketing world. NeuLion, Inc.— a technology product and service provider that specializes in digital video broadcasting, distribution and monetization of live and on-demand content to Internet enabled devices—understands the importance of fueling the customer journey by giving marketers as much information as possible.

It is for this reason that NeuLion has launched its newly developed technology service, NeuLion ACE Analytics. There’s a catch, though; NeuLion ACE Analytics is only available to companies that have licensed the NeuLion Digital Platform.

The reason companies need both pieces of technology is because NeuLion ACE Analytics relies heavily on the NeuLion Digital Platform. NeuLion ACE Analytics leverages OTT real time consumer watch data, user data and support data, which is all generate by the NeuLion Digital Platform. That information is then sent as content to Internet connected devices.

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Gaining these insights has the potential to be incredibly beneficial to marketers. Any NeuLion customers that own or have rights to this content can now have a number of common questions answered, including:

  • What are my most effective and profitable marketing channels and campaigns? 
  • Who are my most valuable customers and how do I find more of them? 
  • Who is likely to cancel and how can we keep them?
  • How do I convert customers from free to paid?

The answers to these questions should help marketers power every aspect of the customer journey. “NeuLion ACE Analytics provides our customers all the tools needed to uncover intelligence and insights that drive effective OTT business outcomes,” said Roy Reichbach, NeuLion’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “This newly launched service is a very significant value add for our NeuLion Digital Platform customers, who will get sharper insights and real-time data to stay competitive and grow their OTT businesses.” 

Those interested in NeuLion ACE Analytics will gain access to customer lifecycle tracking; registration and order management; multi-screen usage, plus revenue tracking and churn trending; customer support and trial marketing; customer file management; campaign management and attribution; measuring and monitoring video consumption; and a marketing interface to build custom views.

Today’s marketing success is based heavily on the customer journey. By providing marketers with valuable insights into customer behavior, NeuLion is giving them the best shot possible at success.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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