BDNA Hires Mary Haigis as EVP of Marketing

May 01, 2017

BDNA, the California-based information technology services provider, has hired a new Executive Vice President of Marketing. Mary Haigis will assume the new role, and head up corporate brand, field marketing, corporate communications, Web properties and integrated marketing efforts for BDNA.

Before joining BDNA, Haigis held a number of senior marketing positions in California, holding positions at companies like Deloitte and California Technologies. Immediately preceding her new position, Haigis was the head of growth initiatives, digital services and innovation marketing at Capgemini. Her areas of expertise included data analytics, cloud-based systems, and the Internet of Things, all areas that are expected to be a large part of the future for BDNA. This made her a highly sought after hire for the company.

“In the ever-changing IT landscape, BDNA is constantly looking for ways to adapt its offerings to help enterprises better leverage their data and

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business strategy,” BDNA President Walker White said. “Mary is a strong leader who is known for her constant success with rebranding and accelerating revenue growth, as well as inspiring her teams to consistently exceed expectations. As we head into the exploding market of the Internet of Things (IoT) asset lifecycle management, we are confident that Mary’s breadth of experience in developing growth strategies and marketing programs for new technology solutions, including IoT, will play an integral role in supporting these initiatives.”

With BDNA seeking to make the Internet of Things the next arena that it wishes to venture into, hiring someone with expertise like Haigis is a key strategic move. For her part, Haigis expressed excitement at the new challenge, saying “I am delighted to join the BDNA team as the company expands its solutions beyond IT hardware and software asset information and medical devices into the Internet of Things. The outlook is exciting for the enterprise IT space, and I look forward to supporting the company’s growth and expansion to both geographic and new markets.”

Mary Haigis has a strong core of experience that meshes well with BDNA’s goals for the future. This is a strong hire that will be beneficial for the company’s growth moving forward.

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