'Made to Move' Marketing to Make Invisalign Preferred Brand

May 09, 2017

Braces have long been the burden of many a teen, from the many mean nicknames teenagers can contrive and certain food limitations (and challenges), to the regular appointments comprised of dreaded tightenings or adjustments, it has certainly never been a fun experience. Today, Align Technology set out to dispel the many negatives of straightening one’s teeth, in a new multi-million dollar marketing campaign for its Invisalign brand.

The new marketing plan builds on the “Made to Move” platform, and aims at educating moms with the benefits of using the Invisalign product in straightening their teen’s teeth, as it fits best with their lifestyle.  

Align is taking a two prong approach with its new marketing efforts. On one hand it is leveraging a multi-channel approach with moms utilizing social media, tv and more to illustrate how the Invisalign brand can offer perfect looking teeth, while not stopping teens from experiencing those formative years and exploring “interests, talents and passions.”

To better engage teens, Align brought in AwesomenesTV, a firm well versed with Gen Z that distributes and creates content for mobile and streaming services. AwesomenessTV created a five part series to highlight five teens, utilizing an influencer approach, which will air on YouTube to its subscriber base of almost five million, as well as putting digital and social channels to work to position Align as the preferred brand for teens.

“We are the experts when it comes to Gen Z,” said Max Polisar, Chief Revenue Officer, Awesomeness. “We know how to make meaningful moments for our audience which feature the influencers they love. Our team is thrilled to partner with Invisalign on a series of short films and experiential activations that will fuel confidence within our Gen Z fans and appreciation for an innovative brand.”

“Invisalign clear aligner technology has advanced significantly over the years and is an effective way to treat teens in need of orthodontic treatment,” said Raphael Pascaud, Chief Marketing, Portfolio and Business Development Officer at Align. “We developed this campaign with an integrated approach across all touchpoints to establish Invisalign clear aligners as the treatment of choice for teens.”

Invisalign is reinventing marketing teeth straightening. As braces carry quite the negative stigma, Invisalign allows a teenager to simply be a teen. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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