Marketing Personalization Getting Better, Say Marketers

May 17, 2017

Personalization in marketing is important, right? Sure it is; 96 percent of the respondents in a recent Evergage survey say that personalization advances customer relationships, which helps improve the likelihood of turning customers into repeat customers. Yet despite this, nowhere near so many are satisfied with current personalization efforts, though the number is heading upward.

Currently, just 45 percent say the marketing efforts currently used are moderately satisfying in terms of personalization. Another 24 percent say they're very satisfied with current personalization, and six percent are extremely satisfied. All told, not bad; that's 75 percent of the field that's at least somewhat satisfied. Web application personalization in marketing leads the way in satisfaction, followed by website personalization, and mobile app, with email and mobile website rounding out the bottom.

More specifically, when asked to give a letter grade to personalization, just three percent of marketers considered current efforts a failure with a grade of ‘F’. 12 percent considered current efforts barely passing at a ‘D’, 31 percent went for the gentleman's ‘C’, the bulk of respondents considered efforts sound as 44 gave a ‘B’ grade and just 10 percent considered it top of the heap with an ‘A’ grade.

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This is actually good news for marketing in general. It's showing clear signs of advancement, while at the same time respecting the fact that there's a lot more room to go to get the most out of this powerful technique for drawing and keeping customers in the fold. Personalization has a great effect when it comes to influencing buying decisions; it makes marketing efforts feel more directly relevant as these directly address the target.

It's marketing targeted to a single person, which has the best chance of making impact. Even influencer marketing is a somewhat broad net. Advancement efforts are clear; just back in early 2016, Harvard Business Report was telling us how great personalized marketing would be one day, and now, just over a year later, we're seeing that marketers are starting to consider their own efforts sound. Sure, there's likely some bias involved—how many actual C's are just D's with ambition—since this is a self-reporting study, but the fact that so many are pushing up from average is a good sign for such a short term.

The better job marketers can do with personalization, the better these efforts' likelihood of success. Successful marketing is about the only thing that keeps people buying things for the most part, so marketing's rise to success must carry on. Personalization, that ultimate targeting, is a goal worth pushing toward in marketing, and one that marketers are increasingly achieving.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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