ReachForce Joins Forces with Oceanos for Contact Enrichment

May 18, 2017

ReachForce, a provider of cloud based marketing data quality automation solutions, announced this week that it has partnered with Oceanos. The partnership makes a lot of sense, given that Oceanos is a data management firm. The purpose of the partnership, therefore, is to deliver dynamic contact intelligence to marketers through ReachForce’s proprietary matching methodologies and solutions.

ReachForce is known for improving incoming leads in real time at the point of entry. It does this by cleansing, updating and managing lead quality throughout the lead’s lifespan, which therefore improves overall engagement.

Thanks to this new partnership, ReachForce will be improving operations further. ReachForce is making Contact Enrichment available for both its SmartForms and Continuous DataManager (CDM) solutions. The solution validates business card data such as title and email and adds up to 20 new data points such as job role, function, physical location, education, and expertise. For B2B marketers already using ReachForce’s account of company data for their lead scoring, routing and segmentation, looking into this new feature is the next logical step.

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The new contact enrichment solution is supported by Oceanos’ B2B record database of over 150 million contacts. Additionally, any and all contacts in SmartForms or CDM have been verified using proprietary methodology. Or, the contacts contain an internal data quality score that meets confidence thresholds for accuracy. Either way, this new partnership bodes well for marketers and their engagement goals.

Bob Riazzi, chief executive officer & president of ReachForce, commented on the need for this partnership by saying, “Stronger engagement is critical. To drive better engagement for companies committing to an ABM approach, it is essential to have a full prospect or customer picture. This can be completed by enriching the data set to include accurate contact data and combining it with account or company information.”

He continued, “Too often Demand Gen marketers are burdened with the ambiguity of generic titles leaving them to question the quality of the lead when they, as a company, are targeting a very specific role. Our Contact Enrichment solution addresses this problem by associating the job role/responsibility to the title allowing marketers to quickly hone in on leads and prospects that are the best fit. Using this added insight, the marketer can increase the lead score, lead quality, and ultimately supply the sales team with more context.”

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