The Power of Mobile Apps in Digital Marketing

May 25, 2017

Smartphones have been steadily growing in popularity since they first hit the market, and app usage has increased right alongside them. Every single person who has a smartphone uses apps on a daily basis to make calls, text, check social media, catch up on the news, play games, and so on. If you want to do something on your mobile device, chances are that there’s an app for that.

The popularity and importance of apps have made them an instrumental tool when it comes to digital marketing and engagement. Apps are one of the easiest ways for customers to engage with a company via mobile. With one click, consumers should be able to shop, browse and read on a company’s mobile app. If a business does not have an app, there’s a chance that they’re losing out to other companies that do. Customers love convenience, so they’re going to go with the company that makes it easiest for them to access information. Apps provide that convenience, unlike Web searches, which require users to open up a mobile browser, type in the company name, open the company site, and hope that the site is optimized for mobile users.

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That optimization brings up another point. One of the downfalls of websites is that not all of them are designed for mobile users. I’d be willing to bet that you’ve gone on a company’s website on mobile before, only to find that the formatting and overall mobile experience was horrible. As a result, you more than likely abandoned your search. That’s a major problem plenty of companies face, and it negatively impacts customer engagement. Apps are designed specifically for mobile, which means that users should have great experiences every single time, allowing them to feel more engaged with a brand.

In order to recognize companies that excel in digital engagement through the use of apps, Gartner has released its list of “Cool Vendors” in the May 2017 Mobile App Development report. The report identifies “five emerging vendors with new and innovative approaches that application leaders should watch to future-proof their enterprise mobile application strategies.” It also states that “mobility is a key capability for digital experiences and it is a key driver of digital business transformation,” which could not be more true.

Insert, and automated in-app marketing platform, proudly announced this week that it was named in the report. Insert enables businesses to respond quickly to the ever-changing lives of customers. Its technology allows mobile app owners to independently create and publish in-app campaigns within minutes, without relying on development resources. Due to the popularity of apps and customer demand for personalized, engaging experiences, Insert’s business goals have it set up for success in the future.

The moral here is that more companies should try to emulate Insert’s business tactics. The company knows what customers want in terms of convenience, and helps meet that need. As a result, even a top company like Gartner recognized Insert. Therefore, when it comes to digital engagement and marketing, mobile apps can make or break a company.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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