How Long Should A Blog Post Be? The Answer May Surprise You

September 29, 2015

Think about what it’s like when you go out to eat at a restaurant expecting a quick meal, and the wait staff takes too much time to bring your food; what should be a 20 minute meal turns into an hour or more of waiting. It’s pretty frustrating, and could make you get up and leave if you’re under a time crunch. Likewise, it’s awful when you sit down expecting a long family dinner, and the bill comes before you even get situated.

The same thing can be said about writing a blog post.

There’s no magic word length, in other words, for the ideal post. A 300-word article stands just as much a chance of going viral as a 1,100-word post. A blog post, just like a meal in a restaurant, needs to be tailored to fit the type of audience reading it, so that it aligns with their expectations. 

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Here’s an example: Imagine a small coffee shop wants to write a blog post targeting millennials from the surrounding area by naming 3 reasons to come in for a cup of coffee (let’s say the reasons  are to socialize, relax and caffeinate). In this case, the post should be short and sweet at 300 words or less. You want the reader to skim through the article, read the three points, and click on the link at the bottom for directions or a menu.

The last thing you want in this case is a bohemoth, 1,000 word article. Why? It’s because the majority of  the readers you’re targeting (millennials) will click away before finishing it—especially if they are reading the article on the small screen of a mobile device.

Keep in mind that while there is a time and a place for longer articles, like when releasing a new product or providing a comprehensive market report, in general it’s best to keep blog posts below 600 words. Use blogs to tease longer assets like case studies, and white papers—assets that readers will typically click on expecting to receive more information.

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